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Speak With A Certified Arborist About Your Tree Problems

Did your tree survive a lightning strike? Is the trunk of your tree showing signs of disease? Call on a certified arborist consultant in Orlando, FL to create a tree care plan that works for you.

We can come to your property & inspect your tree carefully to decide what measures need to be taken. Having been in the business for over 20 years, you can rely on us to provide solutions that benefit your trees to meet your needs.

Using Geographic Information Science (GIS) mapping software, I can provide detailed assessments of each tree on your residential or commercial property.

Contact Orlando Tree Consulting For All Kinds Of Tree Prevention Services

Trees don't get to come inside and relax after a difficult day. They brace the elements 24/7/365. And while they adapt and survive through harsh conditions, they need our help on occasion in today’s urban environment.

Orlando Tree Consulting offers a variety of horticultural services, including:

  • Tree Consultations

  • Tree Risk Assessments

  • Palm Tree Assessments

  • Tree Inventory

  • Tree Treatments

Our Services

Palm Care

Call on Orlando Tree Consulting for timely palm tree diagnosis and custom programs in greater Orlando, FL.

Tree Consultation

Receive a second opinion from an experienced professional independent certified arborist for the health of your tree and recommendations to save them.

Tree Treatments

Customized state-of-the-art plant health care products and programs to fit your needs and give you solutions.

Tree Risk Assessments

Request a thorough tree risk assessment for high risk trees to property or people for removal or mitigation.

Tree Service vs. Tree Consulting

Traditional Tree Service

  • 20 minutes on site

  • Estimate on service led by consumer

  • Tree company representative

  • One time service

  • Reactive

  • Solves short-term goals

  • No plan for health

  • No resources given

  • Maybe educated

  • Maybe certified arborist

Tree Consulting

  • 60 minutes on site with customer

  • Full diagnosis of tree health & provide recommendations

  • Certified consulting arborist evaluation w/over 20 years experience

  • Adopt your tree & become your arborist for life

  • Proactive

  • Solves long-term goals w/customer in mind

  • Annual plant health care program

  • Provides resources & contacts in community e.g. planting a tree or best company for pruning practices

  • Educated & continued education

  • Certified & additional tree risk assessment qualified training

We Understand You’re Receiving All Kinds Of Recommendations That May Harm Your Tree And Makes You Feel Taken Advantaged

We've Been Helping Homeowners Save Their Trees And Create A Successful Environment For Over 12 years

$150, 000 Homeowners Saved Per Year With Proper Diagnosis And Follow-Up

80% Of Customers We Saved From Having To Take A Tree Down

25 Years of Client Success and Counting

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Patricia S.

Like all the other reviews, can't express enough the professionalism and depth of knowledge Jennifer brings. She's so passionate about what she does and can't help but share her knowledge. Greatly looking forward to working with her more. Highly recommend

Brittany W.

Jennifer came out to help me diagnose some disease/pest issues with several fruit trees on my property. She was extremely knowledgeable and educated me about many things I could do to help my trees be more healthy. Some of the trees needed some specific pruning, and when she realized I was a bit unsure about doing that myself, she immediately got some tools from her vehicle and did the pruning for me. I took notes about what needs to be done, and finally feel like I'm on the right path! Having an expert give such detailed advice made me feel so much better about how to care for my beautiful trees.

Susan P.

She is very professional and knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions and gave me many suggestions. She is current and up to date in her field.

Breathe New Life Into Your Trees &
Transform Your Outdoor Spaces Into Vibrant, Healthy, And Captivating Havens

Most homeowners are tired and frustrated of sifting through misinformation and feeling like their trees are at risk.

We have a proven process that will ensure that your trees thrive, even in the face of challenges.

At Orlando Tree Consulting, we understand that when it comes to the health and well-being of your trees, misinformation, lack of knowledge, and the fear of making the wrong choices can lead to frustration, disappointment, and even irreversible damage to your precious green assets. It's time to put an end to the confusion and uncertainty and welcome a new era of trust, knowledge, and expert guidance.

We believe that being misinformed and lacking guidance from a tree expert is just plain wrong. We understand that finding the right treatment for your trees can be overwhelming which is why we've been helping homeowners save their trees and create an environment for over 12 years.

Here's how we do it:

1. Schedule An Initial Tree Evaluation

2. Get A Custom Tree Program

3. Begin Treatments

4. Schedule Check-Ups

5. Enjoy Your Healthy Trees

So, take the first step toward healthier, thriving trees. Schedule your tree evaluation with Orlando Tree Consulting. Let's ensure your trees' well-being and create a greener, more vibrant landscape together.

What Are My Options?

Option 1

You could do nothing and ignore the signs of your tree's vulnerability that can lead to significant issues that impact the tree's health, safety, and surrounding environment.

Option 2

You could try to evaluate your tree at your own risk, without guidance from an expert, that can lead to unintended consequences and potentially worsen the tree's condition.

Option 3

You could schedule a tree evaluation and we'll help you save your tree, protect your property and increase health and vitality of your environment.

Put Your Trees In Capable Hands

Call on an Independent Consulting ISA Certified Arborist

"Tree Doctor" Consulting fees are $150 for the hour on property to evaluate your tree and landscape.

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