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November 13, 20202 min read


In Central Florida its always a question whether we can grow them or not. Our soils are mostly calcareous which is more basic. The famous blue or pink colors arise from the pH of the soil. So if you have acidic soils they are more blue and if you have more alkaline soils they are going to be pink. No matter if you bought them in the store a different color they will become adapted and showcase what type of soil pH you have.

Hydrangeas are such a classic in the landscape if you have the right spot they are one my all time favorites.

Yes! You can grow hydrangeas in Florida, but here are some tips to make you successful.


They love water. Not too wet but needs be consistently moist

Partial Sun. They burn up down here and they don’t want to dry out.

Good soil. Amend your beds with organic matter & they will be happy in the long-run.

Fertilize 1-2 times in the summer. For more info click here


My first question is what type of hydrangea do you have?

There are two pruning techniques described here that I love.

In general if you have the blue or pink mophead/lacecap (Hydrangea macrophylla) or the white Oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) then prune ONLY after flowering; late summer. The flowers bloom on old wood. Even when I was living in Chicago this rule applied where every perennial seemed to grow.

If you have a white blooming one (Hydrangea paniculata) then prune any time EXCEPT winter. They bloom on new wood which can be grown after pruning.

This is so important since it can affect if you get any blooms and when to tame the size of your plant.

Can hydrangeas be cut to the ground? Yes, but only after they are established for 5 years or more.

If my hydrangeas are in a good spot to get big do I ever have to prune?

No. Don’t have to prune unless you want to regenerate growth in declining areas.

How to change the color of your hydrangea.

Hydrangeas and Agapanthus are the first sign for me of Summer! Enjoy

PeeGee White Hydrangea (photo by


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