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Palms In Perfection: Nurturing Health And Aesthetics With Orlando Tree Consulting's Care

Jennifer Hitchcock, M.S. ISA Certified Arborist & Horticulturist, serving greater Orlando, FL area.

Thriving Palms, Happy Landscape:
Expert Care Makes All The Difference

In the world of palms, not every battle is won, but with our seasoned expertise, early detection and precise treatment are our hallmarks. Consider yourself fortunate if you've entrusted an ISA certified arborist with the care of your tree haven – for in prevention lies the ultimate triumph.

Meet the Common Culprit: Nutrient Deficiencies. It's a dilemma that echoes through palm groves, and where it manifests determines the remedy. Fostering your palms' vitality through a robust fertilizer and treatment regimen is non-negotiable in the Florida climate. Certain palms may even crave more frequent nourishment, and the quality and timing of these nutrients can mean the difference, especially under prevailing state guidelines.

Enter the Arena of Palm Predicaments – Insects and diseases, dynamic as the palms themselves. Armed with the wisdom of your palm's variety and its potential adversaries, you can take the helm with confidence and enlist in our preventative maintenance crusade.

Precision, Paramount: Proper diagnosis of pests or diseases is the lighthouse guiding treatment. Our tailored approach safeguards your palms from harm and empowers you to thwart issues before they seize control.

Recalling 2020: The Duel Against Palm Weevil and Lethal Bronzing, a Battle Well Fought.

Harnessing Nature's Power: Tree well-being becomes its armor when nurtured right. With our comprehensive treatment and fertilization program, your trees can fortify their natural defenses, standing tall against adversities.

Let the story of your palms be one of resilience and radiance. Enroll in the journey of expert care, turning the tide against the odds, and ensuring a thriving, captivating landscape. Trust Orlando Tree Consulting – where the palms' well-being is more than a mission; it's our legacy.

Example of Palm Weevil


What can seem overnight are Palmetto Weevil insects eating the center core primary growth of your Canary Island Date palm or Bismack. You can only prevent or treat palm weevil early.

Start treating your larger palms once they get over 6 feet tall with an annual prevention program.

Example of Lethal Bronzing


Please be sure if you have one of the Phoenix sp. (Canary, Medjool or Sylvester) palms to protect and start treating your palm today.

Once your center growth of the palm is compromised, your palm will not come back. Most of the time, we cannot save a palm from LB. A quarterly program is ideal to prevent Lethal Bronzing.


Photo Credit: Dr. Bahder, UF IFAS Specialist

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